Nodding In Agreement

Every Thursday, people go out and clap for carers and frontline workers. It has become like a ritual during this crisis. Whilst people appreciate this gesture of thanks, I have the need to share this article because I share the author’s sentiments.–-and-ive-had-enough-of-people-clapping-for-me/ar-BB14pclE?li=AAn

Very well said, doctor!

Petition for the Frontliners

We have seen and heard the clapping and cheering. It’s time to give the frontliners, who are sacrificing their time and effort and putting their lives on the line, a proper tribute.

Sign the petition to grant frontliners indefinite leave to remain to continue serving this country!

Please share!

The Invisible War

It is eerie. The streets that used to be hustling and bustling are now deserted. Places that used to be full of energy and colour seem grey and lifeless.

We are soldiers fighting an invisible war. Armed with only ourselves, we battle daily to stay alive. We are fighting for ourselves and our loved ones, as well as other members of the public. Many have fallen and the numbers are rising, but we have to keep going.

This war has brought the best and the worst of humanity. On one end, people go out of their way to extend help to others. People in healthcare struggle in the front line, sacrificing their own lives to try and save other people. On the other hand, others have shown greed and selfishness, panic buying and hoarding things they previously had not needed a lot of, ignoring advise to stay at home unless necessary.

The journey has only just begun. We have a long way to go before we see the end of this battle, and there will be more casualties.

We must keep fighting. We are better than this.

To Scrap or Not To Scrap

Television licencing was introduced after the second World War to fund tv broadcasts, which was fair enough. Nowadays, opinions are divided, but I believe in the recent years more and more people are calling for it to be scrapped. My two pence? Scrap it!

I think it is absolutely ridiculous to pay for a service that shows a lot of re-runs. Besides, there are now other ways to fund the service other than let the people pay for it. As everything else is increasing rapidly, but the wages very slowly in comparison to the rises, I believe it is time to take this bill off the monthly expenses of the people.

Boris Johnson said he is “looking at” scrapping it. Shall we give him a little bit of a push?

Scrap it!

They Don’t Do It Like That Anymore

I was watching videos of Tommy Cooper the other day, and I cannot help but think about how different the comedians in the old days make people laugh. It was wholesome and full of wit (with a bunch of intentionally failed magic tricks that made things even more hilarious).

Nowadays, a comedy routine seem to be incomplete without colourful language (yes, the expletives). Such profanities make skin crawl sometimes. I just think there is really no need for it. Oh, and don’t forget the innuendos (both words and gestures). Comedy on stage has deteriorated over the years. It seems like this is the only way to get a reaction from the audience. The likes of Norman Wisdom, and Laurel and Hardy must be not very appealing to this generation anymore.

What a sad world we live in.

Oh Christmas Tree

It is tradition — people who celebrate Christmas will, more often than not, put up a tree and decorate it. It is as if the celebration is not complete without it.

Let us stop for a moment and reflect. The world is currently suffering from the effects of what humans are doing to it. The world is getting warmer, and we are feeling the effects of it.

So, is it appropriate then to cut trees to be used during Christmas because it is ‘tradition’? People would argue that these trees are grown to be harvested for the occasion.

I wonder if they are easy to grow. If so, maybe we should fill the world with Christmas trees and not cut them! I think that would be more meaningful.

Love and Hate Relationship

This post is not about relationship between people; rather, it is between people and pets. More specifically, it is about the relationship (or the lack of) between pet owners and other people.

Some pet owners seem to expect others to like their pets, and are quick to brand people as “haters” of a certain pet. This should not be the case. Instead, pet owners should respect the idea that people have preferences as well. Furthermore, some people, for example, love their own dogs or cats, but that does not mean that they will like yours as well.

Think of it like this: if I had a pet tarantula (I don’t — this is just for argument’s sake), I do not expect anyone else to like it.

To each his/her own.

Parcel Delivered?

‘Tis the season to give!

Shopping online has been a popular choice for a lot of people. It is, indeed, very convenient (although as does everything in life, it has downsides, but that is a tale for another day).

One widely used online platform for online shopping is Amazon. Despite news of fake stuff being advertised and sold via the site, people would still opt to use it.

Browse, click, and purchase. Then wait for the delivery day.

There is a tracking system so you know where your parcel is. Not very accurate, but at least it tells you the date and the time frame. They could do much better, though.

I am, however, frustrated with the delivery bit of the process.

For instance, I got two knocks on my door (they didn’t even ring the doorbell) then the delivery person decided to leave my parcel with a neighbour. I did not even opt for that option as I personally would like to receive my package.

Another problem I encountered was this: the delivery person just left the packages in front of my door despite me being at home. No one knocked, no one buzzed. I was waiting for the delivery and keeping an eye on the tracker. Next thing I saw was the tracker saying that the parcels were handed over to me personally. This was untrue.

I was not very happy with this especially after I found out that some people would open parcels (they take what they like and leave those things that are of little value). Very worrying!

I hope Amazon gets wind of this. This needs to be sorted out.

On Remakes: The Lion King

In 1994, “The Lion King” was released for children to enjoy. I remember singing along and reciting the lines from beginning to finish (yes, I really did). We watched it around 3-5 times a day until the novelty wore off.

I watched it again as an adult, and I was amazed by the animation especially for that time. It also amazed me how I could still remember most of the script.

Fast forward to 2019. A remake was released, much to my disappointment. I tried to watch it, but I really could not. I had to turn it off. I was not impressed by the animation, and the script was with little variation from the original. So, when I heard people say it was great, I just shrugged and shook my head.

I am not a film critic, but I did like that 1994 animation. I am extremely disappointed with the 2019 one.

Must be the circle of life.

Everything we see exist together in a delicate balance. As king, we need to understand that balance and respect all the creatures from the crawling ant to the leaping antelope.

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